The Mooniacs

The Mooniacs need your help. They are cute, they are hungry and they are stranded on a strange planet. All you have to do is launch these adorable creatures through 100 levels of puzzles across 3 diverse worlds and catch all the JujuBees!

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The great adventure of Plink and Blube begins.

  • screen 1

    The great adventure of Plink and Blube begins.

  • screen 2

    Jump, bounce, and gather all juju-bees!

  • screen 3

    Try to get a trophy on every level.

  • screen 4

    Team-work and bouncing mushrooms!

  • screen 5

    Welcome to Fungi Forest. Please, meet Hana.

  • screen 6

    Three worlds, nine chapters, 90 levels.

  • screen 7

    Have you seen the fat juju-bee?

  • screen 8

    What friends are for?

  • screen 9

    The adventure continues…

  • screen 10

    That. Was. Awesome!

  • screen 8

    Every story is a love story.

  • screen 9

    New girl in town.

  • screen 10

    Everything goes according to plan.

  • screen 10

    Plink, Blube and Hana

  • screen 10

    Deep into the Fungi Forest

  • screen 10

    Crashed on a floating island

The Mooniacs is a beautiful Puzzle/Arcade game developed by ATGames & Bad Juju Games.



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